Bellyfusions Paris Festival 2015

On January 2015 I spent two weeks in Paris doing dance classes and whatever else came up. I did ATS classes, flamenco and ballet, and of course as I wrote in another post, did some voice lessons. I went with the flow and enjoyed an artist’s life here for a short time. Perhaps not as a tourist because I’ve already done the touristy things but for learning and all things DANCE!

Now on my last day in Paris, I’m regrouping and recalling my experiences. It was intense and fun! On this occasion at the Bellyfusion Festival I tried as many workshops as I could and perhaps next year I will do my favourites. These workshops included: ATS, Contemporary, Emotional Dance Oriental, Fusion and Dance Theatre. I was pleasantly surprised to find some videos on Youtube- here they are.

This is cute. <3

If you’d like any information on locations to do dance classes, leave a comment below.

Keep on dancing!

A Dancer’s Life



Looking back at my own childhood I find happiness, peace and love for which I treasure. I remember the way my father had a type of charm with us. We loved him wholly and did not leave his side.

Now I watch him in action with my nephews and nieces. Thomas, my two year old nephew is a clear example. Everyone is absolutely bemused by his attraction with Papou. Papou is Greek for Grandfather. He turns to tantrums and fits of cries when he has to leave Papou.

Thomas makes coffee and washes Papou’s clothes, and plays a game on the swings called kounia bella in Greek. When Papou goes into his room to take a nap Thomas screams and bangs on the door for him to come out. My family is dumbfounded. Thomas is like a little alien who has taken over the house and we can’t do anything to stop him.

Thomas empties and fills the tool box, and puts things where they belong in the kitchen. He can’t rest until everything is put to order. He has an uneasiness about him and he doesn’t stop walking about the yard and the house.

He is like a little man going about his little man’s business. When Thomas has a problem he runs to Papou for support. At the sensitive age of two Thomas is free to explore the garden. Watching him play is like witnessing a secret waiting to be revealed.

Thomas has a home education based on love. He is learning to love himself and others as he builds his own beautiful world. My own childhood is where I discover the heart warming experience of unconditional love. My past is a place where I try to learn about myself but I don’t have the answers because I’m so distanced by the events. So I focus on emotions, building a secure identity from which to explore; fulfilling an unpredictable, exciting new life and a story to tell.

My father was like a wizard who burst into song and laughter, even when times were tough. He told stories by inserting our names in them as the main protagonists. My mother was like the beautiful, strong Afroditi The Goddess of love. My parents were a big influence on my life and I have a spiritual bond that will never break.

As a girl, I was surrounded by games, stories and songs and connecting to these in adulthood led to discover my gifts. Over my travels abroad I’ve learned to take away my fears and take more risks. My parents were always with me spiritually, like a voice in my head during the tough times. They taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

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More Than Just Another Travel Story

In the following story I wrote parts of the conversations the characters had in other languages for an authentic experience. I wanted the reader to experience what it is like not knowing another language.

The idea was to put the reader in place of a foreigner. I remember how much fun it was to invent words by adding the ‘o’ at the end of my English when I didn’t know the Spanish word. It was also fun to guess the meaning. For example, preparado means prepare. It was a great way to get in there and have a go at learning!

Looking back, going to live in Spain and Germany was a brave step because I didn’t know Spanish and German. But then it was so exciting, I didn’t give it too much thought.

Greek is my mother tongue and I was educated in English, in Australia where I was born and bred. I had no experience of travel. London seemed like an easy transition to the life of a traveler but I found it the hardest. That’s another story.

The reward of travel proved to be much more because it helped me understand the value of non-verbal language. Without it I would not have been able to write.

This is because I was able to take in other aspects of the environment that gave me clues to not just what was going on, but the details that made my experiences so beautiful and unique.

Living abroad was the only way I could learn another language. I learnt Spanish but not as much German as I would have hoped. That’s another story again. If you’re curious, the following story is based on my experiences, because it is a subject I know well, but I spiced up the storyline to make it more interesting.

What’s real and what’s not? It’s all real because it is in my head. After living abroad I have many stories. The hard part is choosing which ones to tell.

This is the prelude to a story I’m writing.
Keep on dancing!

Smiling Eyes

Smiling eyes
with sparkle that touched my heart
and cried
please don’t say a word
for my happiness may die inside
I’m free
I’m running away
to the place
I want to be
his heart smiled
as the anguish of my words
rested in peace

This one’s about my father and it has a beautiful story to it.

Written By Maria Grujicic

A House, Like A Sacred Keepsake Box


Hi Everyone!

This is my latest poetry tag of a poem I wrote when I was in Greece one summer. I was inspired after observing the beautiful old abandoned houses. It is a poem about the love we need to give to a house to keep it alight.

Sometimes after reading a poem, a mixture of thoughts and feelings go through me, and I wonder if I will ever write such a poem again. The moment was irreplaceable.

Maria Grujcic (Malena)

I See Spring! A Poem For Children

As another year goes by, and with Spring coming to sprout, I recall the period when I started to write my poems. It was a time when I found my career at a stop and I did a lot of walking and exploring around the neighborhood where I lived, in Frankfurt, Germany.

To my readers who have followed me- you will know it was the suburb of Bornheim, the most inspirational place of residence I have ever lived.

It was an atmosphere of people combined with unusual activity of animal life. It was Spring. I see Spring as a wake up call after the time of hibernation that Winter provides. I feel free in Spring, and this particular Spring was different. I saw things differently, and it was when I wrote my first poem. And unbeknown to me, it was the first poem of many more to come! It is a poem that belongs to my first poetry book, Spring And Sing.

I See Spring

I see droplets of dew
I reach them with my hand
I find them in my eyes
I touch the sun
I hold the rays in my heart

I smell smiles everywhere
I taste them in the cool air
I keep them in my lungs

I eat refreshing ice
I hear the crunch in my mouth
I meet my friends
I smell their laughter in their words
I spring for joy
I see spring

By Maria Grujicic

Do you have a place of inspiration to share? How did inspire you, and what did it inspire you to do?

Thank you for reading.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.Marsha Norman

A Place For My Quiet Smile

I don’ t see you
With the kangaroos
It isn’t you
A hippy
With grace, humor and style
With a chance to stop
And breathe
And a time to cry
A pause
That exposed a soul
A risk
That created a step
An entrance
To the outside
A place
A chance to stop
And breath
Renewed a belief
And a place
An ability to see
And a place
For my quiet smile
A hippy
With grace, humor, and style
People, people, people
But not a soul in sight
I don’t see you
With the kangaroos
It isn’t you
A view, A vision replies
With quiet, heartfelt eyes
I see me
In a place
For my quiet smile

By Maria Grujicic (Malena)