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To Keep Or Not To Keep The Last Phrase In This Poem?

A Backdrop For A Theatrical Play

A name is like the appearance of a face in a dark shadow.
Isn’t that the face of wisdom?
Dream walking along the path
Alone physically and unaccompanied mentally.

My writing comes from my heart
I illustrate my feelings like a work of art
They are the reflections of my dreams
And they are true
Because they live in my head
The written text
It is the stuff we don’t normally say
I woke up to a new poem and a new day
I tried to look back
To make out the meaning
But it was too dark
And there was nothing I could do
But play

By Maria Grujicic,
Artist name, Malena

I’m spending some time looking over my poems for my next poetry book, and I thought about adding the last phrase ‘But play’… My instinct tells me to leave it, but another part of me feels it is not doing justice to the intelligence of the audience…and the more I read it the more I agree… What do you think?

Please note>  All poems are copyright.

And as always, thank you for reading!


Come And Review My Next Poetry Book!

The Skies of Darwin, Australia. Photo By Maria Grujicic

I just finished putting together a poetry book that I really love. It has a very different flavor from my other books for various reasons, but mainly because of the setting. The people who have been following me will know that I have moved back to my home city from Europe. I now live in a very tropical environment with not a lot of people in sight. With distance a barrier, and the expanse of the horizon, nature is more visible. The sense of reality is different here in Darwin, Australia. It has its own set of challenges along with its pleasures, and certainly a huge transition period for me. Change is the underlying theme of my poems and this includes memories of home, transition of times, and adapting to the new.

If you are interested in reviewing my poetry book, you can either join my Facebook fan page where I will be posting the link, or add me as a friend on Fastpencil. This is particularly useful if you would like to some day publish a book yourself! I hope to soon find the resources to do up an audio CD of my poems as well. If anyone has advice on this, I most welcome it!

LINKS> To Fastpencil
To Poems That Dance Fan Page 

You are also welcome to join me on Twitter!

I look forward to your comments!

Thank you for reading,

Maria Grujicic *Malena*
The scariest moment is always just before you start.Stephen King

Protected: Free Audio For The Book, A Gentle Fire

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A Free Audio Of Poems That Dance Inspired By Life, Love & Travel!



Watch the video as you listen to the poems. 


 A special thank you to my husband, Vladimir Grujicic for helping me choose the titles and supporting me through the hours of writing, editing and publishing. 

FULL FREE AUDIO CLICK HERE! This book is freshly published. Buy the book and get all the uploads FREE!

The book is also sold in 2 parts:

Part One: A Gentle Fire

Part Two: The Thorn And The Petal

Part 1: A Gentle Fire


A Tentative Dream And A Dance 1
A Gentle Preface 4
Coincidence In Disguise 7

Habitual Phrases 10

A Philosopher Sat At A Table One Day 13
The Big Bad Auto 16
An Empty Event And Empty Fools 18
The Beauty I Hold 20 Mighty Me 22
Abundant Posters And Abundant Dreams 25

Angus 27

A False Paradise 30
The Witches And Wizards Of Greece 32
A Gentle Fire 35
A Black Cat And Nine Lives 37
When The Rain Shines 38

The Cats Of Venus, Neptune And Mars 43
Instincts Talking 46
Aphrodite 48
Hunting For Stuff 50
Little V 51
A Disguised Gift 533
Wise Men, 3 Wise Perspectives 55
For A Novice Poet 61

Agia Triada 65
A Home Away From Home 67
The Familiar Script 70

Colorful Stars, A Colorful Journey 72

The White Palace 74
A Desert Rose 75

The Dive 77
How To Tame A Teacher 80
The Boy Who Sailed Away 82
The Wizard 85
Being A Writer 86
How To Catch A Bus 89 A Brand New Dream 91

The Belief I Have In Me 93

Infinite Reality 97
Bon Voyage 100 The Wet And The Rain 102

A Cafe, Once Upon A Time 103

A Constant Meow 105

A House, Like A Sacred Keepsake Box 107

A Fairy Tale 109

How To Find A Shooting Star 111

Part 2: The Thorn And The Petal


My Little Poet 115
The Child In Me 119

You 121
The Kangaroo Grew 124
The Last Day 125
The Key And The Mystery 127
A Time To Tell 129
My Favorite March 131

Do It Like A Dance 133
A Beautiful Story 137
The Grin That Was Green 139
A Baby Paradise 143
A Wish I Can Hold 145
A Face Danced 147
To My V 149
Venus 150
The Light Of My Life 152
En Cada Momento 154

Because 157
The Art Of Study 160
Romancing The Heart 162
The Haftos And Wantos 164
The Big R 166
A Thought And A Poem 168
A Dream And A Dance 170
Audiences And A Time To Shine 172
The Ugly One 174
Memories And Home 175

Sofia Dies 175
Infamous Luck 176
A Beautiful Dialogue 180

Recommended: Play the poem Intimate Snow just after the conversation ends.

Intimate Snow 186

A Song For A New Day 190
A prose that includes the poem: A New Year’s Intimate Song

Dear Me 199

The Schleier Of Life 203

Eyes For The New 206
The Thorn And The Petal 208

For a nice effect, play the video as you listen to the poems if you wish.
Enjoy and impressions are always welcome.

By Maria Grujicic

Copyright © Maria Grujicic and, from February 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Maria Grujicic and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Intimate Snow

Intimate Snow By Maria Grujicic

Snow Dance

Wait for the video to play and the dialogue to end. Then play the poem.

I don’t use my umbrella
When it snows
Das auto kommt gleich
You can tell they’re friends
Because they have the same smile.
They talk when you walk away
The auto came
But turned the other way

Where would the story go?
I don’t exactly know
Where the story will go
I don’t exactly know
When it will snow

I was about to cross the road
And the car turned the other way
I found a coin in the dark
It was my luck
It was gold and round
With a 50 embedded on top

50 is half way to a hundred
If only I can find more
I walk through the hallway
And behind me I shut the door
In the hope that I will find more

50 and 50 makes a hundred
The thought allured my mind
If only I could find more
My feet were out the door
The footsteps you could see no more
As behind me they shut the door.
How alluring was that thought
If only I could find more

As I was walking I found that poem for you
With the footsteps behind me
A door closed behind me
And my feet talked
And talked and talked

I couldn’t see my footsteps
But my feet talked
As they walked and walked
And walked and walked.

She created a revolution
An ultimate solution
And her feet walked,
And walked and walked.
Behind her she couldn’t see
The steps that were laid out for her

As she walked and walked and walked
You always do what you want!
She cried
With that intimate thought
Dwelling inside

Where were you last night?
I heard whispering tip toes coming inside
And those whispering tip toes left their mark
As my thought deviled inside
I didn’t sleep last night
My intimate thoughts
Deviled inside
As I walked and walked
And walked and walked.

How can you lay there
And I not move?
Your deep desires are set in me
Just to hear your voice
Near me
My intimacy is exposed
I didn’t use my umbrella
When it snowed

By Maria Grujicic

A new poem I recently wrote to compliment my new poetry book Poems That Dance For Adults.

Next time you go out into the snow, breathe a little and leave your umbrella behind.
Enjoy! Impressions are always welcome and I’m thrilled when people like my posts.

Das auto kommt gleich

By the way, these are German words that mean, ‘The car comes soon/now, strong’. I chose the German because it makes a bigger impact to the poem. I live in Germany and I speak some German.

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.— W. Somerset Maugham

© Maria Grujicic and, from February 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Maria Grujicic and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Self-Publishing Blog is the fastest, easiest way to write and publish your book.

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