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Silent Fruits

The Gift of Appreciation

This is a poem dedicated to inspiration that bloomed from a party, of all places. I haven’t written for a while. Did I drift to laziness? Hibernation? Down on confidence? A mix of these and more? The theme for the night was mirror white and we all dressed in white. Silent fruits relates to the quiet, unnoticed seemingly little things we do for people that are actually quite fruitful. Instead of ‘flowers’ I used fruit, of which stem from flowers. I won’t give too much more away but the fact that love is quiet, unobtrusive and unseen until it touches us unexpectedly. Impressions welcome and a gift.

Silent Fruits

Night rose to meet its bloom

All who played with it subtly died

But you were the exception

White in the garden

Brightening as night rose

You danced among the green

Highlighting the unseen

An elevated smile elected mine

As humble eyes slid to a close

Softly penetrating me to a close

Under the light of the moon

Synchronizing all as night rose


-Maria Grujicic-

My Big Love

Sydney, Australia

The weather permits me to dance
Sensations build through passing years
Rain grows and returns to the sky
Wind blows in sudden reply
I hide to avoid the ache in the sea
It bleeds as I dance
To rhythms of chance
I turned and saw
Broken glass was left in the sea
Nature’s miracle changed them to
clear, smooth stones
The bits healed like meditative clones
An anonymous dancer
And a subconscious heart
Led a silent breath to ask
Does he look handsome
When I dance?

By Maria Grujicic
Dedicated to my big love.

This was a poem that I started to write and edit before I went on holiday, and continued editing in Sydney. I romanced and tried to take my breath away from myself as I envisioned what the surroundings were telling me and expressed my feelings for them. My big love? My new-found love for Sydney, the air that I felt while I was there, and my amazing handsome husband who was there with me! I wonder if you can sense these emotions and impressions in the poem, and if you can relate to it in some way too.


Sydney Harbour Walk

Time was free
As her light was seen
by the dark side of the moon
An end was a must
For a beginning to ponder
Play was all that she had
Following her heart
To where a place was set
She sang to the loss of his song
Her voice ran
A story was told
With every turning page
He kissed her hand
Her portrait froze
With just enough colour
She rose
To a flourishing dream
She wanted him
To remember her
with her perfume on
Wonder, a commodity
No name and a blank slate
Love filled the curves of his face
Time was short
He was far
Abundant obstacles for wandering eyes
Lovers entered the centre
Of life’s disguise
And desire was what remained

By Maria Grujicic
Dedicated to my husband’s beautiful eyes

This is a poem I started to write before I left on my holiday, and continue editing in Melbourne. I saw a busker who was singing by the side of the river in Melbourne. I was sitting at a café across from him with my husband, when I saw at a café across from where we were sitting a bird swoop down and try to eat a girl’s salad! She was eating on her own and I guess she might have felt down about that, but in the public eye put on a brave face. The sun was shining and everyone in high spirits, she could only move on. She faced the busker as he sang and clapped and cheered him on, almost like she was pushing and cheering her own spirits. I’ve never seen a busker sing so well, so heart-felt, so strongly as that day. He gave it his best, and after she had her meal, she left and there was an empty space. His song seemed to fade. He stopped singing after a short while. I wonder if you can find this part in my poem? I dedicated this to my husband because without him, I wouldn’t be writing poetry.


Ohne Liebe, Ohne Tanz, A Love Poem

Tribal Fusion Dance

A Love Poem

I feel crazy and lost without you
I clean my essentials to find you
They breathe fire and hide from the rain
Priceless commodities
Once had
Agony rules my mind
Oh my diminished heart
It failed me once more
How arrogant to think the sensation would last
Without you, what is the feeling of love
But a myth of consolation
For my diminished heart
What is life, without you
But a mirrored constructiveness of a sense
Once had
Now relieved by the loss of a thought
And reality
That I am now without the person my soul
Always wanted to be

By Maria Grujicic

Tears For A Rainy Day

just a dream!

just a dream! (Photo credit: Irena Mila)

I want to shout to the world
I exist
But you will only know me after I die
But it won’t be too late
The words will flourish in your mind
Don’t be sad
Rejoice in the gifts you have
For you too, one day will rejoice
in the anonymous glory
But the truth is that there’s an ache in your heart
It might even rule your soul
But be strong
for this is a truth
that will help you carry on
Don’t cry
for the tears might run away
Keep them inside and save them for a rainy day

By Maria Grujicic

This is a poem I wrote for my collection in my book,

Poems That Touch The Soul

The Guilt Of Loving You

Let’s talk about nothing in particular
I want to see how your mouth moves
I feel guilty loving you

My gaze drifts to a different place
In case we might be seen
I hide you in the enclosure of my life
A place where I can be free

By Maria Grujicic

This poem is part of my collection in my book,
Poems That Touch The Soul

Your Life

A glass of water
Lay beside my bed
Untouched for a time
I replaced the glass
To keep your image
Fresh in my mind
To feel close to you
It enticed a comfort of thought
Of a thirst
I prayed to return again and again
And relinquish the passing of time
But sleep was the only cure for my pain
The days recycled the tears in my eyes
As hope evaporated into the skies
Cleansing the surrounding air that I breathe,
Bringing your life back to me.

By Maria Grujicic

This is a poem part of my collection in my book
Poems That Touch The Soul

Unforgettable Replies

The number of kisses differ
with each daily dose
It has to be so
for an authentic glow
in her cheeks
in her eyes
She leaves unforgettable replies
to be seen, to be felt
Senses rise
The authority
of love
is the cause of variety
An authentic glow
unforgettable replies are left unknown
& sought
by the spices of daily life

Written by Maria Grujicic
26th December, 2012

This poem describes an authentic kiss and the kiss itself as an authority on the daily spices of life. My poem addresses kissing experiences, what makes them unique?

An Anonymous Star

But know what it is in your mind
This is the key to unleashing
the wretched disguise of patterns
in daily life
I write and keep writing
This is what will remain of me
after I die
With a set of clues
Only to anonymous eyes
I place my soul in my own heart
& I will always have you
When I feel the rays of the abundant stars
Your words will always live in my head
Your body and mine will always be
This is the love I have
for an anonymous star

By Maria Grujicic Copyright 2012

I’d like to introduce you to a Serbian singer named Toma Zdravkovic. An unknown, Toma Zdravkovic started singing in a pub. You know the kind, a smoky room full of people, entertaining them while they drink, smoke, chat, laugh.

Memories of The Last King of The Pubs

He was inspired by women, alcohol… He grew up in a very poor village and started singing ay 15 years old. Because of poor and bad life he decided to go and move to a town close to his village. Frozen on the street he came across a female singer, Silavana Armelvic who took him to a pub close by the street. Afterwards he went to a town called Tuzla and he spent 5 years in one hotel making the party room full every night.

Afterwards a friend brought him to Belgrade and he got a job. He met his first wife in Novi Sad and he had one daughter. He got a divorce. His first love sent him a telegram in a hotel in Novi Sad that she was very sick in Bosnia. He decided to spend time with her up to her death. After that he wrote a song called Buket Belih Ruza, in English Bouquet of White Roses…..

He had cancer and the doctors told him he had only a few years to live. After I learned of him, the words of his life touched me so deeply, a sadness crept up on me. Why didn’t I know of him sooner? Why didn’t I experience his magic? But a reply in my conscience realized his soul lived on by the words he left behind. The video alone one can view and sense the atmosphere that radiated through his charisma, his voice was like a touch that said all will be all right if we can live this remaining life together.

Toma Zdravkovic said in an interview that the pub was the place for his performances because it was like a theatre. A unison of famous people joined with him at this pub, entertaining. Watch them in the video. He was an unknown, an anonymous star, he touched their soul, and he expected nothing more from that but another night of the same.

At the end of the night after everyone left he found some unknown to give all his earnings to. Incredibly it took him 15 years to produce his album. 15 years battling cancer, and other challenges life brings,  he wrote all his own songs. He felt humiliated performing at first, he was laughed at in his first performance because he was so shy. About 5 per cent of the world population knew about him, people in a pub who loved him. He carried on and after 15 years he produced his album and he was on TV, and shortly afterwards he died of the cancer that he battled up to that point. I was further touched to find out that he had cancer of the throat.

I dedicate this poem to Toma Zdravkovic. The man I never met but touched my soul. His story alone, his music, his stance, the emotion in his eyes that he pulls away, seemingly hidden away, touching souls by his voice, his music. My poems are designed to touch a soul, to reach the unknown, not to reveal the mystery of life, rather, be immersed in it. At times I give up. I had a spell of not writing for months, but after some soul-searching with Toma Zdravkovic I was presented by an answer.

There are those that battle to be rich and famous, and those that battle each day just to do what we love. Give me a chance of another life again and again, and I’d choose to pursue my passion.

The story is based on word of mouth because I don’t understand the Serbian to interpret his interview. If some details aren’t correct or if you have more information about Toma Zdravkovic please let me know. The poem is part of my new poetry book titled, Poems That Touch The Soul.


The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. Anaïs Nin


golden rose

golden rose (Photo credit: mastino0100)

For she is a golden rose
A fire bubble in the sky
Like honey that melts with each spark
She fills
My abundant life
Monitored by a bell
& marked by the rise and fall of the sun

Love stems from a time
Surprise grows into my day
If I could hold her
I would

She blooms when there is darkness
& grows where there is light
Caress her roots
Intimate whispers
Thorough peaceful rest
Desperate to maintain her beauty
I thank God for the cycle of life
& for her by my side

By Maria Grujicic

I had a busy week and there were times in my day where I paused and meditated, hoped that the rotation of a day would save me from how drained of energy I felt. And it worked. :) Have a lovely weekend everyone! Self-Publishing Blog is the fastest, easiest way to write and publish your book.

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