Fourth Poetry Show on Beauty, Love & Friendship

Stories about life, love and travel that inspired the poet to write. Listen to poetry readings and responses.

Stories about life, love and travel that inspired the poet to write. Listen to poetry readings and responses.

Listen to ‘Speaking to The Universe’ spoken word to music introduction of my fourth podcast Poetry Show.

Travel allows us to do things we don’t normally do. Once I had an idea with some friends to have a Bohemian adventure in Paris. You can find more about it by googling ‘Bohemian Adventure in Paris,’ including a Youtube clip. I did it to maybe win a trip overseas. It was a lot of fun to do!

What’s one thing you’ve done overseas that you’d never do in your home country?  We’ve heard some bad stuff people do… I don’t want to hear any of that…

One thing I did do was voice lessons with Leila Florentino in Paris. Listen to my Podcast for more on that. It was so surreal when I found my voice and the way it sounded. My greatest wish was to have the skills to create lyrics using my poems and sing them to music.

I’ve done some audios for which you can find on Soundcloud. I recite some poems on my Fourth Podcast, one of which is called ‘Beauty and You’. Listen to it here. The cover of the song is the big beautiful, rare Cycad I talk about.

I read poetry that appreciates the hidden beauty of things. Sometimes we find beauty, not just in every day life, but also in unpredictable places. One place close to my heart is the Bushland just across from where I grew up in Ludmilla, Darwin. One day, on my usual walkabout I saw the beautiful Cycad. Listen to the story on my Podcast.

Is there a place close to your heart where you grew up?

I created a beautiful book with photographs of the Bushland called ‘The Hidden Beauty of Darwin, Australia’. This is the film clip of it! My favourite Australian animal is The Black Kite, and it used to glide around my car as I was driving home. It’s a special bird because it senses you. Again, more on my Podcast!

The poem ‘From Behind’ is about a woman, and her face is not seen because she is sad inside. She’s in trouble and she doesn’t show her face because it’s unreadable. This is symbolic for ‘not seeing the true version of the person,’ but the person ‘behind’ from the back and they look ‘beautiful’, hence covering their emotions. I wrote the poem after a dance session with Darwin Dance Collection. After a deep and meaningful chat, I end with a thought to take away with you.

Life is too short to take everything so seriously. You have choices, possibly more than others might have. Be true to yourself inside and out. But always keep something for you because that’s beautiful. It’s where the magic spark of a person comes from, and what makes them so interesting.

signature Maria Grujicic Poems That DanceDeep down I hope my nephews and nieces are listening, in the hope they might take some advice on life from their Aunty Maria. But of course experience talks louder than words.

Take care, and talk again soon!

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Dancing in Paris, A Dream


It’s not easy to leave
A house randomly placed
Created by a heart
that moved on
Leaving the house in disgrace
Just so that she could manage it
Upon looking back
She separated the trees
Like shop window displays
All in a row
All well-behaved
Once she realized
Everything was a lie
All became clear
It was then
She could manage it

By Maria Grujicic

Tribal Fusion Dance.jpgI wrote the ideas for this poem when I was traveling in Europe, and my impressions came to me when I was in Paris. The most delightful experiences come spontaneously and a plan that disappointments is the result of the burden one must hold to realise the truth.

My friends and I had a plan to go to Paris together and dance at the park. I romanced about it, ignoring an important fact that it will be at the time of winter. But I didn’t care because I felt in my heart that it will all fall into place.

I will forget the cold, we will improvise, and the strength of friendship will help us pull together to experience the magic a once in a lifetime opportunity this brings.

Disappointments lurked in the air, insecurities, negative thoughts, though the impressions were there. Until we came to a place where we danced. And I have a deep love for the friendship I felt at that moment, because they were a part of the moments I dreamed to have.

Call me a dreamer, this is not new to me, without it I am not the person I am and I cannot write, and I cannot be in the world that I want to be in. A dreamer isn’t obsessed about results. A dreamer enjoys the process, may not get there, but is fulfilled by the moment of these sensations and can foresee what is to come. This is a poem about the reality of a dreamer and the possibilities that a dreamer creates.

PS I want to confirm that I was inspired to write this poem after my time in Europe but it is about a different topic personal to me.

Sometimes we need to step away from our immediate surroundings for all to become clear and find truth. This is true for myself. I hope you also find this in you.

3 Sisters Live In The Shadows Gypsy Style

This is a poem I wrote after I saw a painting at a market, it reminded me of the relationship I have with my close friends.
Thank you for listening.

Now here’s the official video.
This is my first video experiment where I express my feelings through sound effects of the poem. These are the images I see in my head when I recall events, they aren’t the events themselves, they are thoughts and feelings. I know I can do better, so please be kind. :)

There’s something special about these sisters.

The poem is included in my poetry book, Sudden Clarity published by Fastpencil.


Gypsy Shoegazer No Voices Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

This is my favourite piece.

Blinded By The I

photo by Maria Grujicic

photo by Maria Grujicic

I was alone with the sun
And it shone on me
The colors of its rays
Set me free
But I didn’t die
And I was made to be free
The I
Blinded the free
Hope cut
Blood vessels free
Blood roamed
And I was left all alone
With the sun
As it shone on me

By Maria Grujicic
Artist name, Malena

The poem above can have various meanings, perspectives and interpretations. It has my own personal meaning, that of sadness felt… it will pass, and a phase. It was fulfilling to be able to put emotions into words.

Thank you for reading.


A place, a scene,
I didn’t expect to be
I found something,
I left
And what remained
was a dream

I dreamed
And I floated
With my conscious Mind
My body,
I didn’t feel,
And I walked
With friendship
By my side
A Bond
Connected the bits
It was friendship,
Happy and free
I found this
to be
My dream
My past, present, and future
A distant dream
And the what I call reality
A distant dream
I create,
To shield my heart
I create a shell
of luminosity
for all to see
Clothes to bare,

They pull my skin
Together again
And create gravity
That bolts my body
In place
In a scene,
I didn’t expect to be

By Maria Grujicic

Listen to the poem.

A poem, a dance dedicated to my close friends Gala & Lena. A friendship, a place, a dream to be ‘In’. Danke xx