Affirmation of colour
A picture is seen from a distance
I reached out
& smiled of what could have been
If only
If only
If only
I knew
Back then , I was a child
& continue to be so
I see bees where there are skies
I hear skies where there are bees
Rivers fall as my heart fills with blue
It’s true!
It’s true!
It’s true!
I shout to myself.
But all that I can hear as I blunder through life is a wish, a dream, and pondering thoughts
as I slowly die

By Maria Grujicic

A Long Walk

A breath
Walked on a tightrope
When would it fall?
I awoke
Strands of hair
Spread everywhere
There was a time
The sun shone
Hair was held high
I breathed
But it wasn’t mine
So I walked on and on
Suddenly I fell
He painted my hair
A breath cut free
Because I awoke
And beside me
The lights were out
A life
In a theatrical play
Walked on and on
The other way
With hair worn long

By Maria Grujicic
Copyright 2012

This is a poem that I wrote because of my hair, as strange as it may sound.

I’ve always wanted long hair and living in a tropical climate I couldn’t keep it. But living in Europe it saved me from the cold winter months, and I loved it. Now I’m back in my tropical home and I wonder about my hair, and mix my emotions with my dream, a distant dream to be in Europe once more and wear my hair long.

Writing is a struggle against silence. Carlos Fuentes

A Work Of Intimate Art

The woman,
She looked in the mirror,
Saw herself and entered it
She painted herself
Every day

English: An intimate, quiet look at Dilnaz con...

Image via WikipediaShe looked in the mirror,Saw herself and entered itShe painted herselfShe painted herselpainted She Every day

She looked in the mirror
For confidence
Looked away,
Eliminating her face
For the sake of passionate grace

Foundation, A clear canvas
Like that of what I require to write
Blemishes and scars
Are camouflaged
Like that of the journey I ignite
Eyebrows and lips
Stayed on her face
They left their mark
With the other bits
Left for last
A portrait done
Hair out, not in a bun
It is how she starts her day
Every day
And at the end
The moon is soft from afar
And from the nearest distance
It is glowing hard
She turned to dance
In it
From the nearest distance
Of it
Stole a glimpse in it
With uncertainty
Of it
And saw a piece of art
Oh how she danced!
She entered it
She made space for everyone
And she looked up
With caution filling the glare
As hard as the beam that danced the dream
And as soft as the moon from afar
The woman
She looked at it
Saw herself and entered it
Moulded by the liquids of the glass
She became a work of intimate art

By Maria Grujicic (Malena)


A place, a scene,
I didn’t expect to be
I found something,
I left
And what remained
was a dream

I dreamed
And I floated
With my conscious Mind
My body,
I didn’t feel,
And I walked
With friendship
By my side
A Bond
Connected the bits
It was friendship,
Happy and free
I found this
to be
My dream
My past, present, and future
A distant dream
And the what I call reality
A distant dream
I create,
To shield my heart
I create a shell
of luminosity
for all to see
Clothes to bare,

They pull my skin
Together again
And create gravity
That bolts my body
In place
In a scene,
I didn’t expect to be

By Maria Grujicic

Listen to the poem.

A poem, a dance dedicated to my close friends Gala & Lena. A friendship, a place, a dream to be ‘In’. Danke xx

A Tentative Dream And A Dance

The book Poems That Dance tells a story.
Read it from start to end
to make the greatest impact.
As you read each poem
listen to the voice in your head
that rejoices in the tone,
and enjoy the spices of dance
in life,
And make it yours. 

You can also enjoy the free audio accompaniment and view presentations of my poems by following:

Occasionally I used invented spelling. I also used Greek, German, Serbian and Spanish to enhance the meaning and tone of each poem. You will find these in italic. My use of language is influenced by the cultural perspectives I gained living and traveling abroad, and growing up bilingual Greek and English in Australia, my home.

I will place these along with the meaning soon.

Like every girl I wished upon a star.
I had an intimate dream.
A secret dream.
And as I kept this secret inside
I traveled on this path, namely life.
Instincts flew
And my dream grew
Unawares of where it came from
I realized I was dancing all along.

– Maria Grujicic –

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