A Beautiful Performance, A Beautiful Story

Museum Festival And Boobamarra!

A Beautiful Dance Performance And A Beautiful Poem. An illustration of how a dance can touch a heart so deeply, one can not resist but to write! And take on the journey, a beautiful journey that one does not want to ever end,.. even when the end is in sight!



A Beautiful Story

I hope that by writing the story
will get me closer to the answer
but when I get too close
I worry
I don’t want the journey to end
The unanswered questions
are what keep me writing
And writing
They keep the beautiful images of life
In my head
It is like a favorite book
That I haven’t read
I have a few
That are floating in my head
Like emotions of an unborn baby
In the hands of the bearer
Like the innocent peaceful awe
of reality
is released
To discover and sense
And when I turn my head
I free the answer
And I walk and walk
Faster and faster
The other way

By Maria Grujicic

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Boobamarra By The Lake

A Beautiful Day Of Tribal By The River
Frankfurt, Germany


There was a wonderful atmosphere of friendly people and dance! 

Thank you for watching.