On SUDDEN CLARITY By Maria Grujicic

“Sudden Clarity” is a collection of poems which tell the story of a dynamic, intimate life and expresses itself through dance. The photographs were taken by Maria Grujicic herself, as she envisioned and imagined the themes of her work. The style of poetry is distinctively unique and breaks the boundaries of the conventional. It is bold, audacious, different, artistic, open and truthful in its presentation.

“I loved the different intensities and subject in the whole collection. Maria Grujicic spread her life out on a canvas of words which so beautifully involved the reader. I particularly liked the shorter and medium length poems because their themes were subtle but direct. A Familiar Path echoes my thoughts exactly. A Place for my Tentative Birth is excellent…beautifully creational, Uncomfortable reality is just fantastic as is Her Big Beautiful Eyes. The best are, A magical play and Something Of my own….Maria Grujicic breaks language conventions and puts a combination of words and phrases which are exciting and moving to read. An exciting collection/anthology.”
Chris Pownall

Maria is a poet who’s voice can be heard through her writings. She is a visionary author with works exuding a passion of love and respect for nature. One can get lost in the landscapes through pictorialization & illumination over and over again. Sudden Clarity will make your heart & soul dance bringing you to a point of rejuvenation. Kenya Smith aka KonciouSLea

“I hear the voice in the poems as poetry of old, the poet’s voice speaking out to the elements, to Nature, to ourselves. And when the poem makes of them a listener it has great resonance. I also like the titles that tell me a distillation of an experience, such as Sudden Clarity, A Place for My Tentative Birth and A Work of Intimate Art.” Mariana Romo-Carmona

“Some of her poems have a powerful punch ending that gives chills and makes the reader ponder a new beginning, to take the story further in his or her mind. Great work!” Eric Pasley

“Very sombering and well written. This poem paints a picture without heavy description” Jaleesa McLean’s comment on “Rose Of Determination” of “Sudden Clarity”.

“Love how the black and white contrast with the “colours” of the poetry. A bit daring perhaps but it works!” David W. Aston

“Wow! What an amazing quantity of poems. I like them very much!! Go on publishing!” Lena Truper

“Amazing book! I have read 8 poems without putting the book down! This is the first time that I have read more than 5 poems at once. I liked all her poems and mainly “A place for my tentative birth”. Little NJ Poet

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