Educational Benefits

The book Poems That Dance for children is marked at the lowest possible price. It is a full color 88 page 7″ X 10″ book with inspiring beautiful photos to go with each poem. It is like entering a story of dance that unravels a magical mystery of thought and emotion-filled expression through every choreographed move.

Connecting thoughts and feelings to movement helps children’s emotional well-being, brain development, coördination and creates confidence and poise. These are among the many benefits that compliment the child’s natural interest to explore their self-concept and connects their ideas to the world around them. Dance, movement and drama lends nicely to language arts. Poems That Dance gives life to the structure and movement of language that triggers the child’s imagination and creativity. Children of all ages and the adult who is a child at heart will be inspired to dance!

Thank you for visiting,

Maria Grujicic

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