golden rose

golden rose (Photo credit: mastino0100)

For she is a golden rose
A fire bubble in the sky
Like honey that melts with each spark
She fills
My abundant life
Monitored by a bell
& marked by the rise and fall of the sun

Love stems from a time
Surprise grows into my day
If I could hold her
I would

She blooms when there is darkness
& grows where there is light
Caress her roots
Intimate whispers
Thorough peaceful rest
Desperate to maintain her beauty
I thank God for the cycle of life
& for her by my side

By Maria Grujicic

I had a busy week and there were times in my day where I paused and meditated, hoped that the rotation of a day would save me from how drained of energy I felt. And it worked. :) Have a lovely weekend everyone!

I Was

Poem By Maria Grujicic “I Was”

© 2012 Maria Grujicic

I wrote this poem with the symbolic nature of one day filled with love in between. There is more to this poem that I can describe if my readers are interested? I wanted that you first have the chance to decipher the meaning yourself. Thank you for reading and as always, I’m thrilled when people like my poems and leave comments. Keep on dancing!

NEW Sudden Clarity Poetry Book

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Hi Everyone!
I’m pleased to announce that my poetry book “SUDDEN CLARITY” is out now. It is so far my best work and I couldn’t have done it without my artist friends from around the world. And of course my husband who is also an artist!

No words are enough to describe my feelings.
Keep on dancing!

To read the REVIEWS Click here.


Blinded By The I

photo by Maria Grujicic

photo by Maria Grujicic

I was alone with the sun
And it shone on me
The colors of its rays
Set me free
But I didn’t die
And I was made to be free
The I
Blinded the free
Hope cut
Blood vessels free
Blood roamed
And I was left all alone
With the sun
As it shone on me

By Maria Grujicic
Artist name, Malena

The poem above can have various meanings, perspectives and interpretations. It has my own personal meaning, that of sadness felt… it will pass, and a phase. It was fulfilling to be able to put emotions into words.

Thank you for reading.

How To Find A Shooting Star

stars that govern the night

span the sky with abundant light

some are bright, some dimmer

the brightest are not always bigger

secrets they hold provoke wonder and hope

could they ever agree?

the dimmer not always further from me

among the illusion and confusion

keep your eye on that one star

follow it through the maze

keep your interest

nurture it

and focus your gaze

study it and before you realize

time will pass enough

to eventuate a sweet surprise

a faint, quick, sharp

tear in the sky

keep it in your thoughts

and make it yours

by Maria Grujicic, artist name Malena

Today my husband and I went to see the planes at the nearby runway. It is a favorite pass time for him, and I adore sunsets. And upon our venture I noticed something very special, and I filmed it.

As a girl, growing up in Darwin I loved to cloud watch and make out the shapes in the sky. I used my imagination to make out what the figures might be and observed how they changed.

I am experimenting with the technology I have at hand. You tube is great and I’m learning all I can. At the moment I can’t add audio to my film, but I can add music as provided by Youtube. This is a beautiful piece, and I added my audio separately as an MP3 file. The poem is longer than the  footage. Please press play on the audio first and then the film and they should then finish together. How timely!

My dearest Vladi, I dedicate this poem to you.
Thank you for listening!