Blogger’s Block and Chit-Chat on Writing

I’m not sure why but lately I have blogger’s block. I’ve tried writing on my blog a few times but can’t. Today I’m trying a new strategy and I’m writing word after word as it comes to mind. Hopefully I’ll snap out of it and will find my voice again! I now need to regroup and think again about what writing a blog post is all about. I need to stop listening to  too much advice.

“I don’t like reading blog posts without a meaningful content,” a friend once said.

‘Ooomf,’ I thought. ‘I write just about anything that comes to mind on my blog. Should I step up the quality? Quantity?’

Ooh! There I go again… deleting words, doubting myself. Time to now regroup – writing a blog post is not like writing an article. At least, I don’t think it is. The difference? Before I start my blog post, I make a mental plan of what I want to write but not a structure. Sometimes my blog post goes in a very different direction to anything I ever thought I’d write. This is exciting because I find myself exploring my inner thoughts, and using my writer’s voice.

Blogging is a way to reach out to like-minded people, much like small chit-chat (it has to start somewhere) and form a connection from there.

Blogging also gives me the discipline not to edit until the end. It’s practice for my published work. I’ve written draft poems on my blog and have looked back on them thinking… ‘That poem looks totally different now!’ Today was such an example.

I spent a lot of time thinking about which project to tackle first. I’m overwhelmed. I look forward to the weekend to be creative and then get stuck. Oh boy, I had to start somewhere. So after doing some jobs around my place, I settled into writing a few poems, which got me thinking…

I used to share a lot more of my poems than I do now. I guess I’d like to reserve some privacy for myself. I also like to look back on them and edit some more. I spent some time looking up archaic words. These are some of my favourite:

alack = expression of sorrow or regret
baisemain= kiss on the hand
whosoever= everyone who
avaunt= away/ hence
fain= happy, inclined
hark= pay close attention
soothly= in truth
Fervent = glowing
Love apple = tomato
’tis = it is
’twas = it was
verily= truly, certainly
watchful = wakeful
wise= a manner, way or extent
without= outside

You can find more here.

Poetry sounds more elegant, dramatic, and more beautiful using archaic words. But of course one needs to be careful to use the correct grammar. I sometimes use the more commonly known archaic words and often search for new meanings in the dictionary. I also invent words like the title of my blog.. unless it’s already been ‘invented’? I also use the grammar of my mother tongue, Greek. This is because I sense it more. Hence, I grew up with it. It just occurred to me that this could be why I appreciate the beauty of the English language.

English, is like the Mona Lisa. It has been admired and used by so many and for so long that we forget how beautiful it is. I do think the old English is more beautiful, but one could refer to modern English as a reminder.

Word study helps me create the exact picture of what I want to express.

As mentioned before, I’ve stopped sharing my poetry on the site as much as I did before. I need to dig deeper to answer the question why. Are my poems more personal now? Have I been hurt too much and have avoided giving my poems away? Am I more sensitive to ridicule more as I get older?

I have, however, always published my poems and have a collection of books now. I figure that if anyone truly enjoys my work, they would buy a copy. Not that I own all the copies of my books. I’ve learned not to parade the ones I have, because on past occasions I didn’t have the heart to say ‘no’ when people asked for them. So in a sense, I’m now reserving my worth and integrity. I’ve compiled a set of poetry excerpts that give a sample of my work.

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If you’re interested, look on my Twitter or Facebook Page as I upload more.

I’ve also included poetry excerpts in my book, The Hidden Beauty of Darwin, Australia, which accompanies beautiful photos of the bushland in the neighbourhood where I grew up. Real wild life live there, and yep- spiders and snakes too!

Lately I’ve also been looking in my post box at least three times a day for the arrival of my latest book, ‘Unpredictable Spaces’. Life, love and travel is what inspires my poetry and this book encompasses the unpredictable nature of my discoveries. More on that later.

Moreover, I write for family and friends, and of course for my husband, and in a sense, I also write for myself. I hope you enjoyed my post enough to hit the ‘like’ button, and would love to hear from you too. You made it this far, I have too. No more blogger’s block. Nice to know you’re there.

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