Protools Audio Experimentation ‘A Picture of Art’

Every Saturday I wake up fresh and ready to go. No messing about for me- the weekends are for catching up on all the creative stuff I was craving to do during the week.

With one goal on my mind, I started sifting through the housework before relaxing. Planning is the key- the shops are closed on Sundays! So I walked out the door only to find no shops!

‘Why?’ I thought. And with not that many people about, I remembered it was a public holiday.

Luckily I had some food stocked up and lots of tea. A weekend in my PJs and audio equipment- A dream! One of the best investments towards my happiness is my Protools Express. I was planning to do an audio spoken word of my freshly published book, ‘Unpredictable Spaces‘, but instead, I worked on a song I abandoned 7 months ago.

I was frustrated at myself for not being able to reach the top notes, and my voice kept going higher and higher. It’s hard to sing in my apartment because I’m self-conscious about the neighbours. They can hear me when I sneeze- the other day they called out ‘bless you’.

‘I will get more singing lessons to find my voice,’ I told myself, not to get frustrated again. I might attribute teaching music to having more success this time round, and a new strategy of mixing spoken word with singing. Plus a lot of patience and tea breaks!

This is an experimental version of the audio I will finally produce later on. If you can spare a few minutes, I would very much appreciate some feedback? Any comments would be helpful.

The song has special meaning because I created it when I was having a tough period in my life. I guess I was trying to restore my faith in friendship after getting badly hurt by a close friend. This rarely happens to me, so it was quite a shock. I held onto the love I had for my husband to help me. The song is dedicated to him with a story he and I share.

The song is an old poem that I revamped and made it longer. Working on it kept my mind off things and gave me some purpose, at a time when I felt worthless.

compliment a poetI love creating and in fact, my life turned around when I got a job where I can be creative. It’s only temporary though and I’m making the most of it while it lasts. But one never knows what might bloom from it- right?

Did you listen to the song until the end? There’s a snippet of a poem that I’m going to make longer later on.

Can’t wait to create more audios. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed another one of my posts!

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The revamped poem ‘Picture of Art’ is featured in my latest book, ‘Unpredictable Spaces‘.

Blogger’s Block and Chit-Chat on Writing

I’m not sure why but lately I have blogger’s block. I’ve tried writing on my blog a few times but can’t. Today I’m trying a new strategy and I’m writing word after word as it comes to mind. Hopefully I’ll snap out of it and will find my voice again! I now need to regroup and think again about what writing a blog post is all about. I need to stop listening to  too much advice.

“I don’t like reading blog posts without a meaningful content,” a friend once said.

‘Ooomf,’ I thought. ‘I write just about anything that comes to mind on my blog. Should I step up the quality? Quantity?’

Ooh! There I go again… deleting words, doubting myself. Time to now regroup – writing a blog post is not like writing an article. At least, I don’t think it is. The difference? Before I start my blog post, I make a mental plan of what I want to write but not a structure. Sometimes my blog post goes in a very different direction to anything I ever thought I’d write. This is exciting because I find myself exploring my inner thoughts, and using my writer’s voice.

Blogging is a way to reach out to like-minded people, much like small chit-chat (it has to start somewhere) and form a connection from there.

Blogging also gives me the discipline not to edit until the end. It’s practice for my published work. I’ve written draft poems on my blog and have looked back on them thinking… ‘That poem looks totally different now!’ Today was such an example.

I spent a lot of time thinking about which project to tackle first. I’m overwhelmed. I look forward to the weekend to be creative and then get stuck. Oh boy, I had to start somewhere. So after doing some jobs around my place, I settled into writing a few poems, which got me thinking…

I used to share a lot more of my poems than I do now. I guess I’d like to reserve some privacy for myself. I also like to look back on them and edit some more. I spent some time looking up archaic words. These are some of my favourite:

alack = expression of sorrow or regret
baisemain= kiss on the hand
whosoever= everyone who
avaunt= away/ hence
fain= happy, inclined
hark= pay close attention
soothly= in truth
Fervent = glowing
Love apple = tomato
’tis = it is
’twas = it was
verily= truly, certainly
watchful = wakeful
wise= a manner, way or extent
without= outside

You can find more here.

Poetry sounds more elegant, dramatic, and more beautiful using archaic words. But of course one needs to be careful to use the correct grammar. I sometimes use the more commonly known archaic words and often search for new meanings in the dictionary. I also invent words like the title of my blog.. unless it’s already been ‘invented’? I also use the grammar of my mother tongue, Greek. This is because I sense it more. Hence, I grew up with it. It just occurred to me that this could be why I appreciate the beauty of the English language.

English, is like the Mona Lisa. It has been admired and used by so many and for so long that we forget how beautiful it is. I do think the old English is more beautiful, but one could refer to modern English as a reminder.

Word study helps me create the exact picture of what I want to express.

As mentioned before, I’ve stopped sharing my poetry on the site as much as I did before. I need to dig deeper to answer the question why. Are my poems more personal now? Have I been hurt too much and have avoided giving my poems away? Am I more sensitive to ridicule more as I get older?

I have, however, always published my poems and have a collection of books now. I figure that if anyone truly enjoys my work, they would buy a copy. Not that I own all the copies of my books. I’ve learned not to parade the ones I have, because on past occasions I didn’t have the heart to say ‘no’ when people asked for them. So in a sense, I’m now reserving my worth and integrity. I’ve compiled a set of poetry excerpts that give a sample of my work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re interested, look on my Twitter or Facebook Page as I upload more.

I’ve also included poetry excerpts in my book, The Hidden Beauty of Darwin, Australia, which accompanies beautiful photos of the bushland in the neighbourhood where I grew up. Real wild life live there, and yep- spiders and snakes too!

Lately I’ve also been looking in my post box at least three times a day for the arrival of my latest book, ‘Unpredictable Spaces’. Life, love and travel is what inspires my poetry and this book encompasses the unpredictable nature of my discoveries. More on that later.

Moreover, I write for family and friends, and of course for my husband, and in a sense, I also write for myself. I hope you enjoyed my post enough to hit the ‘like’ button, and would love to hear from you too. You made it this far, I have too. No more blogger’s block. Nice to know you’re there.

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© Maria Grujicic and, from February 2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Maria Grujicic and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Nameless World

Texture of his voice
Created interest
In a world I longed
to belong
I wondered
if I was seen
the world I wanted
to be
I wanted that
so much
I could burst
My heart ran
& my passion sang
As the words created a texture
An interest
of a world
I found myself

This is a poem that caresses the soul
By Maria Grujicic
Copyright 26th February, 2013

I know I’ve connected to my soul when I have written so much. It keeps me true to who I am, a poet! Please let me know your thoughts, don’t be shy. I love reading the comments and appreciate “likes”. If you could build texture for your ideal world, what would it look, feel, taste, sense, sound, smell like? Keep on dancing!

3 Sisters Live In The Shadows Gypsy Style

This is a poem I wrote after I saw a painting at a market, it reminded me of the relationship I have with my close friends.
Thank you for listening.

Now here’s the official video.
This is my first video experiment where I express my feelings through sound effects of the poem. These are the images I see in my head when I recall events, they aren’t the events themselves, they are thoughts and feelings. I know I can do better, so please be kind. :)

There’s something special about these sisters.

The poem is included in my poetry book, Sudden Clarity published by Fastpencil.


Gypsy Shoegazer No Voices Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

This is my favourite piece.

An Untouched Christmas Cheer

Physically and mentally closed
The heart links to the soul
Connection versus entrapment
In a body of beings
Unpredictable events
From a patterned obligation
A meal with contents of cultures
Who will buy what, pay for what
BYO or of the what
Phenomenon disappears
Upon explanation

Beauty, neglect, unaware
What is the value?
It’s a habit of mine
A pattern seen only by the passing of time
Rituals of a mind
Places and people combined
Purpose of direction
A meeting place each year
In, on, at
A point in time they meet
Relationships are based on that
Comical stances race to find something new
And perhaps a different character in you

Poem By Maria Grujicic
Copyright 19th December, 2012

How The Book Colour My Ball Was Created

Colour My Ball By Maria Grujicic

I created a mask and wondered why human beings love to dress up and play. I made a sad face on one side of the mask and a happy side on the other side, showing opposite feelings.

I took care making it and afterwards realized that the sad face was just as beautiful as the happy face. I developed the idea that all emotions are beautiful because it is what makes the person’s character. I felt that having an understanding of why we have certain feelings allow children to have a positive self concept and be more in control of solving problems. This idea makes children feel accepted and accepting of others.

At dance class I noticed the children looking in the mirror and wondered why they were doing this. I wondered what they were thinking.

Perhaps the children were playing with their emotions along with acting out the character of their dreams. They wanted to see what that looked like and it was why they were looking in the mirror. There were lots of balls everywhere and I noticed the pattern of movement. They threw the balls away from them and ran to catch them. The spontaneous choreography that occurred was delightful to watch.

At school I used a small tennis ball and passed it around the group. I asked children to choose a colour of their ball and imagine a character.

One child said, “Colour my ball, colour my ball and makes a wish! Colour my ball blue. Blue is the colour of a wizard.”

The next child wanted to be a princess. At a later lesson I used different coloured play dough. I demonstrated the idea of mixing colours that represented a particular emotion. This was a trial of another concept in the illustrations in the book.

The first page is a mix of white and black. The second page is a mix of red and white. The third page mixes red with another colour. Read the book and see the rest of the colours. The colours mix and the friends come together at the end.

Another interesting aspect of the choreography was how they played in parallel to each other. The dance instructor gave them ideas and comments, and encouraged certain children to pair up.  The children came together at the end to form a circle.

MaskThe children made a mask of their favourite character using the mix of colours to represent their feelings.

They carefully designed the mask because when the feelings get too mixed up it is hard to see them. Feelings don’t stay the same all the time. They mix and turn, and it was a good way to experience this visually and in a hands on way.

All feelings are beautiful, we are beautiful was the main message of the project.

For the mask they chose 2 contrasting feelings to draw, and the colours were feelings that complimented them. Feelings weren’t as straight forward as sad and happy. They were “yellow makes me feel safe because it keeps me away from the dark.” Recently this was a comment one of my year 2 students made after reading the class novel, Komiko And The Dragon.

It was insightful to her personal response of the characters in the book of which she could relate to.

Lena Truper and I met at tribal fusion dance class and began working with Gala Yakovleva, our dance teacher with the children’s classes. What interested me was that Gala had a philosophy of dance where the participants created the dance.

Gala applied the same dances and philosophy with the children’s and adult classes. The characters relate to my personal life of which I wrote a novel that I probably will never publish because of how personal it is. I used the novel as a feeder of my ideas as I recollected events and emotions, and applied them into the present and future.

The wizard is my father. He told me stories and did creative projects with me as a child. Whenever I had a problem, he may not have had a solution but he knew what to say to make me feel better and think about life.

The butterfly is the symbol of my mother. From a caterpillar I saw her life grow into a beautiful butterfly and a nurturer of her children. She is more beautiful as she grows. The ageless, timeless quality of a piece is what makes it unique and everyone, regardless of age can relate to the story.

The princess is the character I always wanted to be but never thought it possible. The prince is the yellow shadow, and that’s another story. I have a story to share about all the characters in the book!

It was a pleasure to work with Lena. Lena is a good listener and observer, and picked up on the connection of the storyline and my personal life. When I saw Lena’s drawings I thought she was the right person to do them because she saw the world in a different way. I wanted Lena to take ownership of the drawings and create them in her own unique style.

Lena played with my first sketches that I showed her and developed the ideas. She connected the pages by an animal that changed. She picked up on details such as the socks. Children can do their own illustrations on the blank pages!

Our friendship grew as we continued to inspire each other and it is why this book has personal value to me.

I created this video to show some aspects of how the book was created. Feel free to post comments and ask any questions. The challenge working with other people is that the ideas may not come across in the exact way you would like, but you tend to accept them because it’s the best it can be at the time.

My next goal is to illustrate my own book and get my ideas across more accurately. I have many other picture book ideas and have been working with video, creating music and dialogue, and photography. I love mixing mediums together and would like to look more into multimodal texts.

ENJOY AND Happy Holidays to Everyone!

NEW Poems That Dance Cards Video

There’s a story to tell along with this video. I will need to write it another time. But for now, enjoy the range of new poetry tags!

Impressions Welcome.

If you prefer, mute the audio in the video and use this one. :)

The desire to write grows with writing. Desiderius Erasmus