Three Sisters Live In The Shadows

Three Sisters Live In The Shadows
Sleeping in the shadows
Where darkness stays
Where my reflection plays
In mere light of the moon
It is a positive reaction
To you
To the way you stay
Near me
As you breath
In my dreams
As our shadows play
And then all of a sudden
I awake
I am in a place where days turn new
Oh my gosh! I call to the heavens above
I do the things I do
Because of you
And what of love!
And I realise this reality
When the day turns anew
And I turn to you
I stay
But our shadows move away
And but all I am able to ask
Is a question
And the only mark that stays
Is a thought
When will They reappear again?
And again They are seen
But this time somewhere in between
One thought and another
Those shadows reappear
They are sisters! I call
But there is noone who can hear
My call
As my mind draws them near
Their calls
Echo my voice like shadows seen once before
They are sisters! I hear their calls!
Three sisters live in the shadows

Copyright 2012 Maria Grujicic

There is a story behind this poem and it is quite personal. I was at the local market on Thursday and had a look at some of the art work. One particular stall caught my eye even though it was dark and it didn’t have any lights, and I noticed a painting with three women who looked the same. I asked about it, and the artist told me that it was of three sisters. I stood and chatted idly for a bit for some excuse to just take my time and stared at it. There was something I liked about it but wasn’t sure what. Then after watching a video my good friend Lena sent me for inspiration just yesterday, one thing led to another as I made connections to our friendship and that of the triangular friendship I have with Gala, my dance teacher, and I wrote the poem.

I will post the link of the dance along with the poem soon. Now, off to bed as I am very tired after a long day! Good night and keep on dancing!


About Maria Grujicic

Maria Grujicic was born in Darwin, Australia with a Greek family background of Kaylmnos, Greece, lived in London, Madrid, Albacete, and Frankfurt. With almost 20 years teaching experience including children and adults, she teaches Music and English. Her interests include dance, travel, photography, and she is a member of the Frankfurt Writer's Group.

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