FREE Poems That Dance Sample CD!

I was inspired today to create a sample piece of music with excerpts of the poems, chants and songs on my very first CD Poems That Dance for kids. Any impression are most welcome!

Thanks for listening!



       Poems That Dance For Kids! SONG LIST

  1. Yellow Shadow Shining Through The Window Mix
  2. Mala The Cat
  3. Everything Has A Beginning Middle And End
  4. One Little Caterpillar
  5. Abundant Posters Abundant Dreams
  6. Blowing Kisses
  7. The Number Of Children In The World
  8. The Yo Yo Song
  9. The Secret To Sleeping Early
  10. I See Spring
  11. Blowing Kisses Special Mix
  12. A Hello And A Goodbye
  13. Me And You You And Me
  14. A Smile On My Face Special Excerpt

© June 2012 Written and produces By Maria Grujicic

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