Once upon a bright new day,
A sketch revealed
A place that spoke
A hug, A kiss
Was laid with hope
The air she felt
With undying hope
Parts caressed
To a place she met
Where hugs were made
And hopes were laid

‘Stop!’ She cried,
When her thoughts arrived
Sods and prods
Were unexplained
Though they stayed
In a place
That eventually spoke
Parts were fixed
Where dreams roamed free
She sketched a poem
And yearned for me
Eyes embraced
I walked away
As her thoughts awaited
For a brand new day.

By Maria Grujicic
Artist name, Malena

I haven’t been writing as many poems as usual because life is getting busy, I tell myself. But this isn’t very true. The truth is that I haven’t traveled since February and I have nothing much that inspires me in my surroundings at the moment. I have been working on a project idea, a picture book for children between 8 and 12. I have also been learning to draw. The poem I have written illustrates my wish for my renewed inspiration to come and perhaps inspiration to write will come through my new hobbies. Here are some of my sketches.

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Thanks for reading, and keep on dancing!

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

To Keep Or Not To Keep The Last Phrase In This Poem?

A Backdrop For A Theatrical Play

A name is like the appearance of a face in a dark shadow.
Isn’t that the face of wisdom?
Dream walking along the path
Alone physically and unaccompanied mentally.

My writing comes from my heart
I illustrate my feelings like a work of art
They are the reflections of my dreams
And they are true
Because they live in my head
The written text
It is the stuff we don’t normally say
I woke up to a new poem and a new day
I tried to look back
To make out the meaning
But it was too dark
And there was nothing I could do
But play

By Maria Grujicic,
Artist name, Malena

I’m spending some time looking over my poems for my next poetry book, and I thought about adding the last phrase ‘But play’… My instinct tells me to leave it, but another part of me feels it is not doing justice to the intelligence of the audience…and the more I read it the more I agree… What do you think?

Please note>  All poems are copyright.

And as always, thank you for reading!


Blinded By The I

photo by Maria Grujicic

photo by Maria Grujicic

I was alone with the sun
And it shone on me
The colors of its rays
Set me free
But I didn’t die
And I was made to be free
The I
Blinded the free
Hope cut
Blood vessels free
Blood roamed
And I was left all alone
With the sun
As it shone on me

By Maria Grujicic
Artist name, Malena

The poem above can have various meanings, perspectives and interpretations. It has my own personal meaning, that of sadness felt… it will pass, and a phase. It was fulfilling to be able to put emotions into words.

Thank you for reading.