A Breath And A Poem

My beautiful poem.
You are like that blanket.
You are open to those who see.
Those who hear.
Those who listen to me.
It is how I have found my voice.
An audience.
Through my words will find it.
Will find my way.
My poem, it comes from within.
And inspired to grow.
With life and the intimate things I know.
I am inspired by it.
I like it.
I have an unconditional love for it.
I want to draw it.
The love for her is sweetly unexpected.
It is mild.
Like the heart of a child.
It breathes and grows.
In two worlds like the dolphin in the sea.
One breath above water for you and below it dwells for me.

By Maria Grujicic
*Artist name, Malena*

I found this poem in some notes I had for writing my novel. It was timely so because lately I seemed to have lost inspiration to write poetry. I’m not sure why… is it simply writer’s block, or do I need to shift myself to that space again where I was writing poetry?

My poems are like the breaths I take, and they do take on different forms, as I continue to create in my spare time. Feel free to share your views and opinions, and as always I’m thrilled when people like my posts.

Thank you for reading.

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

23 thoughts on “A Breath And A Poem

  1. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing poem sis…..I love your style..thats so awesome.

    Your inspiration is returned,
    Your journey is begun,

    well these lines will also be less to define this poem….

  2. I find that I have to have time to think in order to be in a head space to write poetry. The inspiration will come back…it always does:)
    Thank you for sharing my blog on here!

    • You’re most welcome! And thanks for your words. I agree, I was thinking of going to the beach today, and hopefully , as odd as this may sound, the sea will speak to me, and I will find my poem again.

  3. How much do I love this poem! It comes from right inside of you…from your innermost soul, it seems. I hope you are giving this one a wide audience, like on PrefacMe or Google+. It is clear as a Spring day. Love it!

    • Hi David! Thanks! My poems are what I call my ‘excess treasures’. They are deep down in me, and once I have the energy to release them, it makes me feel good. This is such a poem. I wonder if other people have experienced the same. I will share it on PrefacMe and Google+ soon.

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    • I will take a look and see. I write my poetry mainly for personal fulfillment and to be honest, crumble at the thought of competition, is not suited to the style of my poetry. But I’m grateful for your invite! Thanks for visiting. :)

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