Hi There With News!

Hi Everyone!

As you know, I’ve published some poetry books lately, and of which I’ve started a competition. I like to think of fun ways to give my books away, and it gives me pleasure when people enjoy my poems. Of course I can’t give everyone a copy, and so what better way than to share the fun!

So far we have 6 entries and you can take a look on Poems That Dance Facebook page:
The idea is that you post a photo on Poems That Dance page of you or of someone you know (yes, pets are OK too:) doing a ‘dance’. This can be hopping, jumping, skipping, flying, anything you can imagine. Be as ‘simple’ or creative as you would like. The first 100 entries go into a draw, and then I pick out the winner, by physically drawing out one name.

It’s too hard to judge the ‘best’ because I feel all photos are special and unique.

Poems That Dance is a book of poems illustrated by photos of dance choreography for children. If you are into dance, drama, and song, you will love this book. There’s a free audio that goes with the book too. There are endless benefits for movement, and these are also outlined on my webpage, along with samples of the poems as well as audios!
To preview the book look here.
And on AMAZON here.
For more information about the competition look at the page about ‘competitions’ right here on the website or email me at mariagrujicic@yahoo.com with any questions!Thanks!
And see you on Poems That DanceMaria Grujicic  (Malena)

MALENA IMAGE by Sonja Sofia Yakovleva

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